Não banalize o amor. Nao ame com razão. Ame sem intenção, ame sincero.

quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010


Vai aí uma letra nova:

‘Cause you’re here

composição: James S.

I don’t know why
All people are blind
Seems nobody can see
Other people on their side

You can say: guy,
The dreams are as utopy
But isn’t hard to feel
If you really wanna fly

Yesterday the sun didn’t talked
To me nor you, babe
Our eyes no were inside me
World no seemed walk softly

(Chorus) (I)
Now any time is so long
There’s no word wrong
‘Cause you’re here,
Counting stars with me (2x)

Oh, oh, oh…
Oh, oh, yeah…’

Smiles talk around there
About lovely places
If you don’t know it
Ask to your heart always…

(Chorus) (II)
Now any time is so long
There’s no feel wrong
‘Cause you’re here,
Leaving me from reality (2x)

So don’t carry on alone
Through some face
Is your notion of amazing
Who you could love only

(Chorus) (III)
Now any time is so long
There’s nothing wrong
‘Cause you’re here,
Making me dream and dream (2x)

‘Cause when you’re sleeping
I can hear the life melody.

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